Saturday, June 15, 2013

Celebrating Seuss with a Dress

Oh my gosh I actually made something. Still trying to wade through the waters of my odd life but at least now I have time to do something that truly makes me feel good about everything - sewing.

This is the same Very Easy Vogue pattern I used back in like... 2011? But I changed the skirt completely, making it 3/4 circle instead of a gathered square. I put pockets in it, yay!

Please excuse my dodgy photos, but Melbourne has been bucketing for the last week or so almost ceaselessly :( I don't like winter, in fact I'd go as far as to say I loathe it. Cold is not what I want to feel!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Violet Shirt

We can celebrate! I officially have Internet in my apartment, which is looking superb, if I do say so myself! I think the real estate agents are going to be shocked to see it looking so cute. I've basically taken an ugly box and made it not only liveable, but welcoming and somewhere that has housed many-a-friend already.

Now, I finally was able to get some actual sewing done! Oh happy days! But I've only got one picture of it which I uploaded to my Instagram (nataliemw if you'd like to follow me there!)

As you can see, it's the Violet shirt pattern by Colette! It's no secret I love their patterns, and I think this one is an incredible muse for the time being. I've already bought the fabric to make it again in more of a western style shirt. Keep your eyes peeled! Though I must say I shall be sewing a lot less in the weeks to come as I'm currently working on three films! Golly gee wizz, pray for me, I shall need it.

I made this one with a copy-cat rip off of my favourite Michael Miller print 'Rocket Rascals'. I didn't care. It's too adorable of a fabric that I HAD to have it anyway. And seeing as Spotlight did a quilting cotton sale where everything was $9.99 per meter I went only a little bit nuts. I mean, two shirts and a dress isn't too bad for my habits! I made the collar in a hurry and I'm slightly regretting not waiting til I found the exact bright red match that I made the Ginger skirt I'm wearing out of but eh, according to my real world friends it looks fine.

At least now I will actually be able to respond to your lovely comments and such.
Much love <3

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hooker Me Up With A Sweet Dress

A week or two ago a friend of mine was shocked to hear that I had not seen 'Cry Baby', a fabulous take-the-piss greaser flick by John Waters starring a young Johnny Depp (insert 'O' face here). So off to her house to watch it on VHS on her old Rank Arena television. Talk about old skoolin' it!

While we were watching, a particular character (that of Traci Lords) got my vote for most orgasmic dresses. Last time we went to Lincraft I had spied off a white cotton with red spots but couldn't justify buying more fabric, especially seeing as I'm supposed to be doing Finish Me February. After seeing this film and gathering more dress inspiration, I couldn't help myself.

 I made a mix of two of the dresses I liked best:

I'm happy with the outcome, having pieced together various patterns to get the right kind of thing going, but I'm not sure the women of Melbourne completely agree with me. I honestly felt like Dolly Parton in 'The Happiest Whore House in Texas' or whatever the film is called. Women looked at me in disgust as I traipsed around my local shopping center. People avoided me. Men, on the other hand, were more than happy with my appearance. The best part was when I bumped into one of my mother's hardcore Christian friends who barely acknowledged me. I was totally ignored at the post office until a nice man named Walter came to the counter and said "please excuse Bernadette, I think she's just jealous of your spotty number".

In fact, I put on the dress today for the purpose of taking photos and as I was getting into my car, my neighbour's daughter pulled up, saw my appearance, and told her children to overt their eyes and not to say hi to me. What. The. Fleck.

I think I should start taking care with my pattern placement
My sexy face
I honestly can't see me making anything similar any time soon. I've named it my 'whore dress' and it took too gosh darn long to make. It's a totally hot dress though and I'm happy I made it.

In other news, I arranged a party last Sunday at 1am for the following day. Nitty and I dressed up as pirates and got our rum on.

I have finished my first script for the year and will start to write hardcore for my television series :D

Friday, February 8, 2013

Finish Me February!

Been looking forward to this month since last February! For anyone who's never heard of it, February is the month of finishing things that just, well, need finishing!

I have about 10 - 15 projects awaiting finishing, but in the last two days I have finished a dress for my cousin, a present for a friend, a dress and a top of my own! Nitty calls me 'powerhouse', I call myself 'sweat shop sweetheart'.

This was actually the first dress I ever made from a pattern. But knowing nothing about sizing meant that making my usual dress size was embarrassingly small and out of the question. So I ripped out the skirt, cut new bodice pieces from the left over scraps (thank God for those!) and remade the dress.

 Still not happy with it. The pattern is New Look 6799, and I advise making this pattern about 2 sizes larger than you normally would. Or grade the arm holes down. It is horrifically uncomfortable, but at least it's finished!

And secondly, my second Sencha blouse by Colette Patterns. I do enjoy. The neck is ridiculously high though so next time I make this I'm definitely cutting that baby way down. But I loved the fabric. Unfortunately I bought all that was left of it for my work friend but I totally doubts she appreciates it seeing as the last gift I gave her she gave away to some friend who passed it on to some broad in Adelaide.

I tried really hard to match the buttons as closely with the fabric. I think it was a success?

I was supposed to be working today but my manager confused the hell out of me, so I'm off to do some modeling at $50 an hour!

Update 3.0

Thankfully I have some truly remarkable people in my life who have come to my aid with flaming pitchforks to fend off my demons and lavender oil for my wounds. It was becoming more and more apparent to those around me that I was actually going insane. My mum took the first initiative by calling up my work and telling them to let me have the next day off work, and for my working hours to return to only being every second weekend. And boy did I have a fun day on my first weekend day off since like, August/September.

Anyhoo, Nitty's boyfriend from Canada leaves today, and I can only imagine the state my beautiful bestie will be in after being attached to his hip for the last 6 or 7 weeks. I'm gearing up the ice cream for the trip home from the airport (the trip that will only take about 3 minutes because I can literally walk to the airport from my house).

So, here's what's been happening.

I made a hillbilly top! I loves it. It is actually not completely finished but I don't care!

Actually on the same day this was taken, we went to Lincraft in Thomastown, which is actually in the process of closing down. First Spotlight Brunswick, now Lincraft Thomastown. It makes me a little fearful for the future of brick and mortar craft stores. Anyhoo, Nitty was furiously trying to finish a dress to wear to the zoo, and I was trying to get Keith interested in crafting. Seeing as they had been teaching me how to play Magic: the Gathering (yep the nerdtacular card game!) I suggested we made some Fimo tokens for cards that put creatures out onto the playing field. I figured this would be a lot better than scrambling around for paper clips and bread ties to use as counters.

Here is a little snap from Misty's Diner in Prahran. Nitty had a cherry thickshake :3

And a fun snap from the park when we were taking pictures of my top:

Nitty's aforementioned dress was finished and you can read about it here!

Working on another post, slowly getting back on my horse :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

Appropriate name for this post for both my dress and my emotional state.

I have been sewing as much as I can. I actually finished this dress a week and a half ago and haven't had a chance or the energy to type anything about it. The last month has pushed me so far towards the edge it's tempting to just jump off myself.

In the last two months I have come close to being fired on three or more occasions, been reprimanded for mentioning "my place of work" on a public blog by my boss, and apparently there are basically 6 people spying on me and reporting back to her, seeing as talking about my TV show with customers is apparently "pumping my business". Whatever.

Unfortunately this, and other things about work, such as my hectic shift schedule (I did 11 days in a row from Boxing Day onwards and have been working 5 and 4 days in a row on a weekly basis). I can't handle doing -anything- full time. I run from things that encroach on my personal bubble. Usually that's to do with boys, to which I just break their hearts and run. This month it wasn't their heart that got broken, but mine, a little bit. That's fixed slightly but it still makes me sad on a daily basis.

I have lost the energy to do almost everything, motivation to get out of bed is hard to muster. Hence why I haven't been as active on here, or anywhere on the internet, in the last little while. I'm also having a hard time with people who work with me and after talking it through with a few people in the know I have a case for workplace bullying.

My house is a mess. Things I've had out for over a month I just haven't had the strength to put it all away. I can barely walk around in my sewing room. My anxiety got horrifically bad to the point of having to go to the hospital thanks to a certain "friend" at work who decided she didn't like working with me anymore, and told me to "get the fuck over" my issues a little while ago which just made EVERYTHING worse. If I could lay on the floor and do nothing all day, I definitely would, and being of a workaholic nature the idea of sitting around doing nothing is ordinarily distasteful.

On top of everything it's becoming more and more apparent that my best friend will be moving to Canada to be with her boyfriend after he finishes his placement in Nigeria. Bleh.

Anyway in happier news, here's a dress I whipped up in a hurry. My friend Sophie had an Alice in Wonderland themed dinner party, and three days before the party I remembered I had Alice in Wonderland fabric I bought a while ago from the Fat Quarter Shop! I had been wanting to try out some of my new patterns so I picked Butterick 5748. I didn't have enough to do a full circle skirt so this one's just a half circle.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Martini Dress

It feels good to finally make up a fabulous fabric find into a fabulous dress. It's perhaps not as sexy as I was hoping but eh, It does the job.

Look at dat slit! Reinforced and everything. Butterick 5032, a 1952 repro pattern. 

It is actually ridiculously comfortable. Great pattern. I wish that I bought the pattern as a size 12 (I bought a size 14 before realising I am actually a 12 in pattern size land) so I just did mega big seam allowances.

It passed the fly-kick test.

I'm pretty happy in the end. I'd like to pair it with an orange belt and handbag!