Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gem Sweater Season!

*Tacky French accent* Ahhh.. ze gem sweater. Ze armor against ze cold of Melbourne in ze Winter.
Ahem. Anyhoo, yes! Winter is fast upon us which means my winter wardrobe is back in full swing, but this time with the addition of my own DIY gem sweaters!

I love Leslie Hall. She lights up my life. She has lost a lot of weight, which I'm not quite sure how I feel about. Good for her and all, but when she was chubby it was an inspiration to see her getting around in spandex and it made me feel less self conscious about random lumps here and there.

P.S. How rad is it that the 90s are a thing again! 90s fashion makes me very happy and when I get all dolled up I usually look like an overgrown ten year old.

Also Nitty cut my hair! It was long enough to cover my boobies but I got sick of it so she chopped it off in the bath for me.

This is the first gem sweater I've made this year. I have another two sweaters ready for decoration and I'm sew excited! xo


  1. I am going through a cushion cover phase just now, less sparkles, more random scraps and patchwork *hint hint*.
    Miss you x

    1. I need to gather the money to post things. All the letters I wrote you are now out of date. Miss you too. Get your butt back here so I can kiss it <3 xoxoxoxoxox