Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dolly Love!

Here's a bit of a diversion for you. I am aware that maybe 1% of you care about my Blythe doll collection, but hey. It's currently of importance for two reasons:

Reason one: I've just done a photography assignment which caused me to bond with my doll, Pip, over a two week period.

Reason two: When I have some time up my sleeve I'm going to be sewing up some tiny, tiny dresses. Stay tuned. Miniature 50s dresses on little plastic bodies excite me.

Here are some of le photos...

The top photo also shows off my glorious granny square blanket! I put this on the wall next to my computer so it's nice and cosy now instead of freezing.

I've also been getting my polymer clay on, making little eyeballs for one of my music videos I'm working on at the moment

I've ALSO learned how to knit properly! Finally! I'm working on a sweater but I'll give y'all a photo preview when I've actually done more. Knitting is so slow compared to crochet!!

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