Friday, February 8, 2013

Finish Me February!

Been looking forward to this month since last February! For anyone who's never heard of it, February is the month of finishing things that just, well, need finishing!

I have about 10 - 15 projects awaiting finishing, but in the last two days I have finished a dress for my cousin, a present for a friend, a dress and a top of my own! Nitty calls me 'powerhouse', I call myself 'sweat shop sweetheart'.

This was actually the first dress I ever made from a pattern. But knowing nothing about sizing meant that making my usual dress size was embarrassingly small and out of the question. So I ripped out the skirt, cut new bodice pieces from the left over scraps (thank God for those!) and remade the dress.

 Still not happy with it. The pattern is New Look 6799, and I advise making this pattern about 2 sizes larger than you normally would. Or grade the arm holes down. It is horrifically uncomfortable, but at least it's finished!

And secondly, my second Sencha blouse by Colette Patterns. I do enjoy. The neck is ridiculously high though so next time I make this I'm definitely cutting that baby way down. But I loved the fabric. Unfortunately I bought all that was left of it for my work friend but I totally doubts she appreciates it seeing as the last gift I gave her she gave away to some friend who passed it on to some broad in Adelaide.

I tried really hard to match the buttons as closely with the fabric. I think it was a success?

I was supposed to be working today but my manager confused the hell out of me, so I'm off to do some modeling at $50 an hour!


  1. Say whaaaat? In fact, say it twice - first, ungrateful colleague! And second - $50 an hour! Nice work you gorgeous lady!

  2. Very cute.. I would be spewing if someone gave something I made!

  3. what a lovely top ^_^ beautiful fabric!! i like the buttons, they match enough but also stand out a good amount!
    also miss, i nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Have a look on my blog for more details ^__^

  4. I seem to follow monthly sewing themes without even knowing about them! I just finished a gown (because I "needed" a gown) that was languishing in my closet for 5 months.

    Lately, I've been making tight clothes fit better by slicing them up the side or center seam and inserting a 2" jersey strip. It looks a little "funky" but makes everything fit soooo much more comfortably. (

    Also, love the big glasses.